Frequently asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions on Marriage Prep Course

Q How much does the day cost?
A The cost is £12.50 each (£25 per couple) which includes the whole day’s teaching, morning & afternoon refreshments and all course materials.

Q Is the day religious?
A No, the day is all about you having a great marriage.

Q Can anyone go?
A The day is for couples planning to marry or couples in their first two years of marriage.

Q We are in love – do we need such a day?
A Absolutely! We have some brilliant tips for marriage that are really helpful and it’s also a great time to talk together about your future.

Q Do we have to tell others anything about our relationship?
A No, there is complete confidentiality. There are regular short discussions during the day but these are only between you and your partner. We also play background music to avoid any chance of being overheard!

Q You use “Marriage by Design” for the course. Why have you picked that particular material for the day?
A We think that it’s the best course available – it’s modern, interesting and fun.  In addition we have updated and upgraded the content.

Q Is this a day just for couples marrying in church?
A No.  We have couples attend who are marrying in church and we have couples attend who are marrying in other venues such as hotels and wedding venues, both in this country and abroad.  Additionally, our Day is officially endorsed by Norfolk County Council for all couples marrying through their register offices.

Q We are marrying overseas and need a marriage preparation certificate. Can you provide one which says we have completed a day?
A Yes we can provide an official certificate if you are marrying abroad.

Q We’ve both been married before, would the day help us?
A Yes, it would very much help you to set your marriage on strong foundations.

Q We have been living together for five years and know each other really well. What can the day teach us that we don’t already know?
A New ways to get the best from your relationship, the chance to affair-proof your marriage and how to make your marriage last a lifetime.