What couples say about Marriage Prep in-a day

Young couple with thumbs up

I’m very glad we attended and couldn’t have asked for better facilitators than Duncan & Janice.

Wasn’t sure what to expect from this course but very glad I attended.

Very enlightening and gives a different perspective on things. Wholly recommend!

The time flew by, it was so enjoyable.

Such a fantastic course, learning new skills and things about each other for a great marriage.

Given that I wasn’t really aware what the course content was it was a pleasant surprise with a great all round package and I would definitely advise others to do it.

Really enjoyable with a lot of practical tips. Very well organised with enthusiastic facilitators.

Fantastic! Had low expectations but incredible feeling at the end.

Really valuable to have a time focussed on talking about issues for a great marriage.

Very well presented.  Warm, friendly and interesting presenters.

Good course, fear of being put on the spot in public unfounded.

Great facilitators.  Carefully constructed and really thought provoking.  Highly recommended!

Brilliant sessions, thank you for your guidance. I feel it will help strengthen our relationship for the future.

Very positive, reminded me of all the great things I love about my fiancé.

Personally I think this course is not only suitable for engaged couples but also suitable and would benefit those couples who would like to refresh their relationship.

Gets you thinking about your relationship and future, clarifies and focuses on aspects you may take for granted.

I think it has huge benefits to help couples communicate and think about how they can show each other appreciation, love and commitment. It should be compulsory for all couples getting married!

Warmly & enthusiastically presented – great to know these courses are available, a definite necessity for engaged couples.