What couples say about Marriage Prep in-a day


I was sceptical about the course before attending and a little anxious as I wasn’t sure what to expect.

I’m very glad we came though and couldn’t have asked for better facilitators than Duncan & Janice.

The course has been extremely informative and interesting and I will be recommending it to other couples we know. Thank you.

Some happy attendants!

Excellent course especially to be all in one day.

Lots to think about, discuss & mull over for the future.

Given that I wasn’t really aware what the course content was it was a pleasant surprise with a great all round package and I would definitely advise others to do it.

Really enjoyable day with a lot of practical tips. Very well organised with enthusiastic facilitators.


Very helpful would recommend.


Really valuable to have a time focussed on talking about issues for a great marriage.


Very good course, possible to fit into a busy life, great food & venue.


Good course, fear of being put on the spot in public unfounded


Learnt a lot, enjoyed it. Thanks!


Some good advice and a very good lunch. Thank you.


Very positive day, reminded me of all the great things I love about him.


Thoroughly enjoyable & well-run course. Thanks.


Gets you thinking about your relationship and future, clarifies and focuses on all aspects you may take for granted.


I think it has huge benefits to help couples communicate and think about how they can show each other appreciation, love and commitment. It should be compulsory for all couples getting married!


Excellent course, very helpful. I will hope to use all the ideas in my marriage to enhance it and make it the best it can be. Thank you very much D&J.