Frequently asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions on Marriage Prep Course

Q How much does the course cost?
A The cost is £20 per couple for both the venue day and the alternative two mornings via Zoom.  We operate as a non profit so the cost to you is low but the quality is high.

Q Is your course particularly for couples marrying in a church?
A Church couples, couples of other faiths and civil wedding couples attend and really enjoy the course.

Q What’s in the course?
A Great advice for a brilliant marriage, entertaining and interesting video and lots of time for you to chat together in private.

Q We are in love – do we need this course?
A Absolutely! We have some brilliant tips for marriage that are really helpful for your future.

Q Do we have to tell others anything about our relationship?
A No, there is absolute confidentiality with short discussions between you and your partner in complete privacy.

Q Will Zoom Marriage Prep feel like an online meeting I have for work?
A We think you’ll be very pleasantly surprised.  There are lots of times for you to talk together and brilliant video to watch on your own device.  So nothing like Zoom for work!

Q Which is better – a day at a venue or the Zoom course?  A The material we cover on both courses is the same. The venue day is more personal but Zoom (still presented live by us) is easy to do from home.

Q We are marrying overseas and need a marriage preparation certificate. Can you provide one which says we have completed a course?
A Yes we can provide an official certificate if you are marrying abroad.

Q We have been living together for five years and know each other really well. What can the day teach us that we don’t already know?
A New ways to get the best from your relationship, how to affair-proof your marriage and how to make your marriage last a lifetime.